Video Calling

Please refer JavaScript SDK Video Calling API doc as we have a joint API across all JavaScript lang based platforms.

Get started with React Native SDK

If you are here for the 1st time - follow the Getting Started guide on how to connect React Native ConnectyCube SDK and start building your first app.

Connect WebRTC lib

To make calling works under React Native, we use react-native-webrtc lib.

You need to strictly follow the react-native-webrtc Installation guide in order to make it works properly.


In a case you need to show a native calling interface - you need to integrate a CallKit functionality via CallKeep lib.

For iOS, this will also require to integrate VoIP push notifications along with CallKeep.

For the Push Notifications integration - please refer ConnectyCube Push Notifications API guide

RN 0.62

In a case you face any unexpected crashes with React Native 0.62 and WebRTC lib - there is a Flipper related crash and a working solution.

Code samples

There is ready-to-go FREE code sample to help you better understand how to integrate video calling capabilities in your apps:

  • Video Chat code sample for React Native src code