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Getting started

Welcome to ConnectyCube - messaging and video calling platform for iOS, Android and Javascript platforms.

Here we are going to explain how to get started with ConnectyCube by following next simple steps:

  • Register a free ConnectyCube account and create your first Application there to obtain API credentials.
  • Download SDK for your platform.
  • Connect SDK with your 1st Application.

Register a free ConnectyCube account

Go to and register your free ConnectyCube account.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail shortly. Confirm your registration by following the link in the e-mail.

Sign in to the ConnectyCube Dashboard

Go to, enter your Login and Password and click on the Log in button.

Create 1st ConnectyCube application

Upon sign in you will see the main page where you need to find the New app button and click on it.

Next step is to fill the Add new application form. Here you need to enter the information such as the title of your app, its website, type and description.

Note: Fields Title and Type are mandatory, others are optional.

Click on the button Add in the bottom. The app will appear in the list of your apps.

Click on app title to view its credentials.

You will see the auto-generated values of the Application ID, Authorization key and Authorization secret. These are important - your app needs to use these credentials so that server knows who's there. Also, copy your Account ID.

Note: Here you see a list of APIs modules: Chat, Users, Push Notifications, Storage etc. - the ConnectyCube Dashboard provides you a management access to all your data, feel free to click on them and explore.

Download and connect ConnectyCube SDK

We provide SDKs for iOS, Android and JavaScript (Web, Node.js, NativeScript, React Native, Chat Bots). Please use the following guides on how to download and connect the ConnectyCube SDKs to your hello world app:

Need support?

Have an issue with your 1st app creation? Feel free to contact us via site Contact form or write directly at