Multiparty Video Conferencing

Please refer JavaScript SDK Multiparty Video Conferencing API doc as we have a joint API across all JavaScript lang based platforms.

Get started with React Native SDK

Follow the Getting Started guide on how to connect React Native ConnectyCube SDK and start building your first app.

Attach local/remote media stream

Use an ability to import RTCView from the "react-native-connectycube" (do not need to install the "react-native-webrtc" via npm/yarn). Follow the "react-native-webrtc" guide to configure iOS/Android project

import {RTCView} from 'react-native-connectycube';

// then pass a local or remote stream to the RTCView component
<RTCView  objectFit="cover" style={styles.rtcView} key={userId} streamURL={stream.toURL()} />