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How to generate APNS key

  1. Once you have signed in to the iPhone Developer Connection Portal, click on Keys at Certificates, IDs & Profiles column iPhone Developer Connection Portal

  2. Press + to generate new key iPhone Developer Connection Portal, Certificates, IDs & Profiles

  3. Select Apple Push Notifications service (APNs), and enter a name for the key iOS generate new key name. Select Continue and on the next page, select Register.

  4. Download your new key and save it in a secure place. You can only download it once, so don’t lose it. Then, click Done and you will have a new key.

Key Id and Team Id

iOS Key Id iOS Team Id

Upload key to Dashboard

To upload APNS key to ConnectyCube Dashboard you need to do the following:

  1. Open your ConnectyCube server Dashboard at admin< server >
  2. Go to Push notifications module
  3. Switch to Credentials tab
  4. Upload the newly created APNS key on APNS Authentication Token (JWT) form.
  5. Enter key id and team id
  6. Press Upload