Chat content moderation via Trust & Safety tool


Content moderation tool (TnS, Trust & Safety) allows you to replace inappropriate words in chat with some mask like ** on-the-go, whithout manual modification.

You can create separate rules for each word or regexp you need to replace or use a ready list of words, saved in .txt file.

Here is a blog post on Medium about different use cases of ConnectyCube Trust & Safety tool.

Create moderation rule

Follow steps below to create the rule

  1. Log into your admin panel (Or your own link for Enterprise plan)

  2. Navigate to the app you wish to create rule for

    Note: The rule will be applied only to specific application, for each application you need to create rules separately.

  3. Navigate to 'Chat' tab in menu

    Chat tab

  4. On the right upper corner navigate to 'TnS' tab

    TnS tab

  5. Click 'Add message rule' button

    Add message rule

  6. Fill all needed fields. For each rule you can enter:

    • Name - name of the rule;

    • Mask - symbols (word) which must be used instead of the bad word(s).

    • Score - shows how bad this word is (if number is big - very bad, if small - not so bad). It is possible to save value from "1" to "1000" for this field.

    • RegExp - is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern, mainly for use in pattern matching with strings, or string matching, i.e. "find and replace"- like operations. Please don't use invalid regex.

    • String or dictionary - it is bad word(s) that need to be filtered.

    Single word rule

    If you’re going to upload the file with the words fill the form the following way

    Dictionary rule

    The cognates order in the dictionary should be from the longest to the shortest. If you want to add 2 words "dailyfantasycricket.com" and "dailyfantasycricket", you should write each word from new line, the first word should be "dailyfantasycricket.com" and the second - "dailyfantasycricket".

    It is possible to save value in the RegExp and String fields (or Dictionary) at the same time but the RegExp field has a bigger priority. Your file should look the following way:

    Dictionary format

  7. Click 'Add score group' button

    Add score group

  8. Fill all needed fields according to your requirements

    Score group

    If the user writes blocked word in a chat message you will see it as ‘Blocked’ in the messages history in admin panel:

    Messages history

Ban user

If you want to ban specific user - follow these steps:

  1. On the right upper corner navigate to 'Bans' tab

    Bans tab

  2. Click 'Add ban' button

    Add ban

  3. Fill all needed fields

    Ban user

    You can check User ID navigating to Users tab in ID column

    User ID

    If a user is in the ban list then he will not be able to login to chat.